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WHAT UP, THUGGLES? Welcome to mugglehustle.net!... If you enjoy Harry Potter and want to spice up your next reading, you're in luck!

Select a book from the top navigation to get started. You'll find the MuggleHustle tweets separated by books/chapters so you can easily find the hustles relevant to you.

Unfortunately mugglehustle.com has been down for a few years now. So, I've created this site to preserve these Tweets.
If you want to, this website can be saved as a Progressive Web App. Meaning on mobile devices you can go into the browser options and hit "Save to Home Screen" and a quick link will be saved to you device and behave more like a native app. This is not required and can be removed at any time, but I found it easier than typing the url. The PWA will cache pages for offline broswing.
This was meant to be more of an archive for existing fans, but if there is interest to expand the features of this site to include more interaction, let me know in an email. We could add things like:
  • Comments to Hustles
  • Additional fan-made Hustles
  • Fan-submitted audio readings of Hustles
  • Fan-submitted Movie commentaries (Like the original Audio Hustles)
  • ...Anything else to keep the community of MuggleHustle alive